Lacey’s Story

As Lacey battled addiction, she and her son Andy ended up homeless, sleeping on friends’ couches.

That’s when she realized she had a choice to make. She could continue the life she was living, or she could change.

The Choice

Lacey heard about Cityteam and called us to ask for help. When she heard we had space for her, she was so relieved that she rushed over.

“I’m 100% here on my own accord,” she says. “I still say that I’m here because I have no choice, because I don't feel like I do have a choice. But it's not between Cityteam and jail. For me, it's between Cityteam and death.”

Real, Lasting Hope

Thanks to the support of generous friends like you, both her and Andy’s basic needs are met. With that weight lifted, Lacey has begun to heal, and step into a life of real, lasting change.

“I’m just blessed now,” Lacey says. “I came in here having absolutely no relationship with God, not really being interested in having a relationship with God. But now I've just had so many experiences show me that He is real.”

That’s what happens When Help Meets Hope!

The Difference Starts With You.

What would our city look like if we paid attention to our neighbors in need like Anthony?

Stand with Cityteam today to help care for immediate needs and enable lasting solutions that bring hope to our community.

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Changing Lives. One Story At A Time.

“My life was a wreck and God brought me here to Cityteam. I came here and it changed my life. Now I can look people in the eyes.” - Hank
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“I came because I needed help. My kids needed things I couldn’t give them. What Cityteam does is amazing.” - Carlie 
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“Now I’m a father, son, brother and a gentleman, a good person. That’s what Cityteam has given me.” – Vincent
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“Something told me to get on the bus to Cityteam. If I had not listened . . . I’d be dead, too.” – Spencer
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“People loved on us at Cityteam and they didn't even know us, I never thought somebody would do that for me.” - Sofia
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